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Audio Visual:
We offer the technical expertise that allows clients to get exactly what they want in there entertainment setups and more! We can either quote on the system itself and/or install the system at a predetermined price.

We can aid in:

• TV/projector selection and wall/ ceiling mounting options
• Surround Sound 5.1 and 7.1 solutions
• Speaker and amplifier choices wether it be 8 ohm or 100v
• Microphone and paging zone systems
• Media Centre options allowing completely disc free media to become a reality
• Best options in high quality audio video cabling
• INSTALLATION also an option.

We offer a wide range of security setup possibilities. home, office, shop we can accomodate. 

• DVR's ranging from 4/8/16ch full 500fps (total) time and date stamped recording and internet/ iPhone/ Android viewing!
• Latest Cameras, Dome style, Wall mount, User Controllable, day/ night infrared vision, HDR and IP cameras

We can setup your home/ business/ office network to latest and fastest specs!

• Cat 5e/6 Cabling only used! keystone jacks for wall plates and proper router/ switch/ server setup
• If wireless is preferred, 802.11b/g/n can be utilised!
• Ensure all computers/ devices on network are able to freely communicate, transfer files and print to any location on the network
• All installed and tested to customer Satisfaction!

Any of these services please Contact Us and we can offer a free quote!