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We can do various installations people may be interested in pursuing including (but not limited to)

Reverse Sensors:
Colour Matched to vehicle and professionally installed with both audible and visual distance meters!
Price (Inc Labor) : $300

Built in & Integrated Bluetooth System:
System completely integrated to cars head unit. Perfect for vehicles where manufacturers have built in the head units directly into the dash. Add bluetooth capability to your vehicle this way!
These systems mute the music and transmitts calls/ music though car speakers!
These systems are the top of the line in clarity, with external noise cancelation and dual microphone systems to ensure a smooth conversation!

various systems can be chosen from some include features like iPhone/iPod control and display for phonebook navigation.
prices depend on the complexity and feature set of each model. click to see full specs

Top of the range: includes colour LCD for phonebook/ iPhone playlist/ music selection and caller ID display information aswell as RF controller to answer calls and control iPhone/ menu

$500 including labour


Dual microphone for best sound performance, has RF controller to answer calls and control iphone!
(next track/FF, play/ pause, back track/RW, volume)

$350 including labour

Phonebook and CallerID display on its monocystal display which it built in onto the wired controller

$275 including labour

Answer calls, hangup and adjust volume of call from wired compact controller

$225 including labour

All Units mute playing sound on head unit and transmit the call through cars speakers!

Integrated head units:

Double Din (7" Touch Screen)

Double Din 7" Touch Screen Car DVD Player, GPS Navigator

Main Functions:

Bluetooth Phone Link - Built in iPod/ iPhone Control - Mp3/Mp4 Player - RDS Radio - AUX - AMP - EQ Mode - USB/SD Card Reader - Picture in Picture - Steering Wheel Control - GPS Navigation - Wallpaper Switch

$650 inc Labour

Optional Extras:

Digital TV: +$120

Reverse Camera: +$100

Single Din (7" Touch Screen)

Single Din Turn and Flip out Design 7" Touch Screen Car DVD Player GPS Navigation

Main Functions:

Bluetooth Link - Built in iPod/ iPhone control - Mp3/Mp4 Player- RDS Radio-AUX-AMP-EQ Mode-USB/SD Card port- Picture in Picture-Steering Wheel Control-GPS Navigation-Wallpaper Switch

$650 inc Labour

Optional Extras:

Digital TV: +$120

Reverse Camera: +$100

We can also install any headunit into almost any car!
we can also packaged deals to suit individuals needs. 

if you are interested please Contact Us!