eTuning Base package:
Suitable for any MPS/ Mazdaspeed vehicle with from Stock to Stage 2 modifications.

$285 Includes up to 10 map revisions or until owner and tuner are satisfied (whichever comes first)

Stage 2+/3 Modifications:
Base Package ($285):
    +$50 if you have an aftermarket 3-Port electronic boost control solenoid (eg. Grimspeed, Cobb, Perrin, stratified) OR an Upgraded Turbo
    +$90 if you are running both 3-Port EBCS AND an upgraded turbo.
     +$210 if you are running All Of The Above + AUX fulling; i.e 5th/6th Port Injection or 4x Port Injection additional fuel injection.
          * All options include an additional +5 map revisions making a total of 15 revisions.

+$195 For an additional Map, eg Fuel Saver/ Methanol/ e85/ etc map. (includes +8 revisions)

+95 For Hardware modifications that are added during the tuning process also adds an                additional 4 revisions

Dyno Tuning:
Provided through Precision Automotive Racing in Kings Park NSW
Prices start at $850 - Price can varies depending on modifications and time required on dyno - Contact us for a more accurate quote

*Tuning services require the Cobb AccessPort
*Tuning can be done in either boost based or load based ECU logic.

Contact us if you are interested or have any questions!