RaydTuned - Cobb AccessPort eTuning - Sydney Australia Based

Dagher eSolutions is proud to introduce eTuning services to the Mazda MPS and Mazdaspeed community through RaydTuned!

Ever since the release of the AccessPort in Australia I have been involved in the process of eTuning. During this time I have learned the whole scope of tuning through countless hours of research together with my personal experience of tuning my own heavily modified Mazda 6 MPS exposing me to all ranges and stages of modification of MPS and Mazdaspeed vehicles, and promises great results!

The AccessPort is the best tune option for many reasons. Firstly, it is not locked, and can be continuously modified to suit any upgrades or changes in the vehicle. There is also great options like launch control and flat foot shifting that can be enabled from the AP, as well as the added advantage for data logging and CEL code reader to see what's happening with your own car. 

Being based in Sydney Australia will greatly aid the locals with especially quick turn around times for map revisions (<24 hours) However international turn around generally <48 hours due to time differences. I am also happy to provide technical help in any issues that may come up during the tuning process. 

I have now also teamed up with Precision Automotive Racing to provide a more complete tuning solution for the MPS platform! These guys are serious when it comes to performance!

"Precision Automotive Racing officially started in February 2014.  Owner Aaron McGranahan, was working on his record setting Evolution IX before before a que of customers wanted Aaron to build their engines and transmissions for them. This lead to the starting of Automotive Precision Racing in Kings Park, NSW"

NB: RaydTuned is a service provided under the business name Dagher eSolutions